There’s no need to worry about breaking down. Scooters are such great little machines – breaking down is unlikely – but even if it happened, you just call MES and they’d come out in their wee van and get you, quick as a flash. The team at MES are so lovely. They treat you with respect. I think they’re wonderful.

The scooter’s made such a difference in my life. It means I don’t have to depend on anyone and I can keep in touch with people (I love people!). In the winter I just wrap up warm and off I go. I go a long way too – from Fraser Street to Cherrywood and back, no problem at all.

I bring all sorts of things home with me from my travels. I’m beginning to think I need a trailer! When I go to collect my wood from Mitre 10 I joke with the fellows up there that I’m going to do burnouts in their yard and we have a good old laugh.

My scooter’s very reliable. I charge it up overnight and it takes me for miles. I wouldn’t do without it.

June Schutt, Tauranga