We’re very pleased with my new model. We’re getting one for George too. My old scooter had no suspension and was hard on my spine. My new one from MES is so much better! George says his old scooter rides like a block dray with wooden wheels, but the new one is much smoother and easier to control too.

Between us, we’ve had 7 scooters over the last 13 years. They’re very economical. The big advantage though is the convenience and independence they give us.

The team at MES are very, very good. My battery went flat once and they came out straight away with a replacement. Not that the batteries run out quickly – our last lot have lasted seven years. We couldn’t do without our scooters. They’re our independence.

Jocelyn & George Morrison, Gate Pa

I was scared stiff – I didn’t think I’d be able to use it! Nolan from Mobility Equipment & Services walked behind me as I gave it a try and by the time I’d got to the end of the road I was away laughing!

I’ve had a few problems with my joints and my back. Before I got my scooter I was finding I could walk down to the shops alright but was too sore to get home again. I’d seen other people on their scooters and they looked like such a great idea but I was worried – I’d never even driven a car before. Would I be able to drive the scooter?

Really, the scooter couldn’t be easier to use. You really do just turn the key and then you’re away. I’ve just had a canopy put on mine, for the sun. It’s wonderful. I wouldn’t be without it now. My scooter’s the best thing since sliced bread!

Stella Posa, Greerton

Scooters are a great means of transport for anyone without a driver’s licence. I had a bit of a fall and so I’m not able to drive any more. The scooter’s been a great alternative for me. I’d not be able to get round much at all without my scooter. They’re a great invention, that’s for sure.

I can get to Greerton or the city inside of half an hour and I don’t need to find a carpark. I can go straight into the supermarket and just put what I need in the basket.

A scooter’s the answer for anyone without a car.

Ron Carroll-Belk, Gate Pa

My social life would be seriously hampered without my scooter. Before I had my mobility scooter I was reliant on my mum or my friends for transport, or else the wheelchair taxi.

I really wanted more freedom and independence.

One day I saw a mobility scooter outside a chemist and decided I wanted to give it a try. It didn’t take long at all to get the hang of it, and I love it now.

I can go into town, to the shops, to the movies, meet friends for coffee – whenever I like. I’m really looking forward to when the buses can take scooters then I’ll be going to the Mount and over to Bayfair.

The freedom it gives me is fantastic.

Moira MacDonald, Greerton

There’s no need to worry about breaking down. Scooters are such great little machines – breaking down is unlikely – but even if it happened, you just call MES and they’d come out in their wee van and get you, quick as a flash. The team at MES are so lovely. They treat you with respect. I think they’re wonderful.

The scooter’s made such a difference in my life. It means I don’t have to depend on anyone and I can keep in touch with people (I love people!). In the winter I just wrap up warm and off I go. I go a long way too – from Fraser Street to Cherrywood and back, no problem at all.

I bring all sorts of things home with me from my travels. I’m beginning to think I need a trailer! When I go to collect my wood from Mitre 10 I joke with the fellows up there that I’m going to do burnouts in their yard and we have a good old laugh.

My scooter’s very reliable. I charge it up overnight and it takes me for miles. I wouldn’t do without it.

June Schutt, Tauranga

If I’d known then, what I know now, I’d have bought this model the first time round – it’s tops! The team at Mobility Scooters helped me try out different models until I’d settled on the one that suited me the best. I’ve had scooters for three years now. They’re really good.

My “Shoprider Deluxe” is perfect for me. It scuttles up the hills well and I’ve had a bigger basket put on the front for my dog Katie.

Katie and I go everywhere on my scooter. People I don’t even know say “Oh you’re the lady with the red scooter with the dog in the basket”. Katie gets excited about our trips.

What’s good about the “Shoprider Deluxe” model? Everything!

Irene King, Gate Pa

The cost is nothing compared to the freedom I’ve got back in my life. I have to admit I was a bit worried about the cost of the scooter but it’s been worth every cent for the freedom and independence I’ve got back in my life.

I used to rely on my wife for everything – she was the gopher in our household. Now it’s round the other way!

I can go anywhere I like, any time I want to. I can go into the supermarkets with my scooter. I could go to the Mount if I wanted to!

I’ve only had it a month but it’s made such a difference in our lives. Worth every penny.

Don Harvey, Bayfair

My mother came and visited me in at my home for 6 weeks after her fall. I needed an electric hospital bed, over the toilet frame and wheelchair. MES spoke with her ACC case manager and arranged for the hire cost to be paid for by ACC. They also arranged for Equipment to be delivered and correctly set up and then collected. Everything was taken care of.

C J, Tauranga

I hired a wheelchair, ramp and hospital bed from Mobility Equipment & Services team while I completed my recovery from back surgery. Nolan helped me best understand what equipment I needed and had it delivered to my home by the end of the day. A service technician set it up for me to reflect my specialists requirements. This service was super convenient and easy and removed the stress of my family having to source and collect equipment on my behalf. I couldn’t be happier.

J B, Katikati

I am writing to recommend the services of Mobility Equipment & Services Limited who have worked closely with Invacare New Zealand since the year 2000, providing back-up service and maintenance on various pieces of disability equipment supplied by Invacare New Zealand to people with disabilities throughout New Zealand, both in the private sector or through funding supplied by the Ministry of Health and ACC.

MES have always conducted themselves with the utmost integrity and have ensured service requests are handled in a punctual and professional manner with an obligation that the client maintains their safety and independence at all time. Service technicians have always maintained open lines of communication with Invacare New Zealand seeking assistance and necessary training to ensure service requests are completed in a timely manner. They are a dedicated service provider that can be flexible and respond to complex requests. They have excellent technical skills and empathy to client needs.

Grant HetheringtonInvacare New Zealand Limited

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