Our Products – FAQ

This page contains all the questions we are commonly asked about our extensive range of used and new mobility scooters. If you can’t find the answer to your question then please contact us and we’ll be happy to help. Please click on any of the questions below to display the answer.
1. How often should a mobility scooter be serviced...?
At MES we recommend a new scooter is serviced 6 months after date of purchase and then every 12 months. Older mobility scooters should be serviced every 12 months.
2. Can I ride my mobility scooter in the rain...?
It is not recommended that you take your mobility scooter out on very wet days. The odd shower shouldn’t pose a problem and your mobility scooter should never be ridden through puddles at high speed or through long wet grass.
3. How far will my mobility scooter take me with fully charged batteries...?
20km’s to be safe. Your mobility scooter manual may say further and this varies from mobility scooter to mobility scooter. You need to take into account things like the number of hills, weather conditions, riders weight and the age of the batteries.
4. Can I ride my mobility scooter on the road...?
Only to cross the road. Mobility scooters are not motor vehicles and must be ridden on foot paths whenever possible.
5. I have seen a neat rack that fits on to the back of a mobility scooter - do you sell these accessories...? - and are you able to fit them...?
Yes – we stock quite a few different types of mobility scooter accessories which we can fit for you. If you have a specific request for something we do not stock we will endeavour to obtain it for you.
6. My parents have a farm - do you have a mobility scooter that will work okay around a farm or rural property...?
Yes – our extensive range of scooters means we have something available for everyone.
7. My grandmother has a mobility scooter that is getting slower and the batteries do not last long even when fully charged. What can we do to make it new again...?
Mobility scooter batteries normally last 2 – 3 years. If your Grandmother’s batteries are this old it is possible that they may require replacing otherwise the mobility scooter or battery charger may have a fault.
8. What makes a good mobility scooter...?
Quality – something that has a strong chassis, suspension which softens those hard bumps (important for someone with back injuries or a disability), a solid body that does not flex, and a reliable brand. i.e. a brand of mobility scooter that has been on the market for a number of years and has a proven track record.
9. I bought a mobility scooter from someone else. Can you service it...?
Yes – MES is the largest mobility scooter service company in the BOP. We’ll service anything.
10. I have seen some very cheap new mobility scooters on the market - are these mobility scooters the same as yours...? Why are your mobility scooters more expensive...?
There are many models of mobility scooters to choose from and yes some are cheaper than some of the ones we sell. The quality of the cheaper mobility scooters is unknown as they are fairly new to the New Zealand market. Cheaper mobility scooters generally come with a 12 month warranty whereas the mobility scooters MES sell come with warranties of up to 5 years. Remember you only pay for what you get.
11. My mother never learnt to drive - can we try a mobility scooter before we buy one...?
Yes – it is important for anyone who buys a mobility scooter to have a home demonstration. Your mother needs to feel confident that she can drive it around the areas that she intends to use it. Mobility scooters are easier to drive than a bike.
12. Do you have finance deals available for purchasing a mobility scooter...?
Yes – please email, phone of visit our showroom to discuss options.
13. Do you buy back mobility scooters once my parents no longer require theirs...?
No – we will however look at selling the mobility scooter on your behalf.